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Hey there! I’m Nahash, a dental surgery student at the moment, and a musical and artistic human being. I told you I will let you know why I have 28 teeth, hang on.

I wrote my first artistic work at 9, a song about teeth, and ever since then I've grown to realize the blessing that is my mind-ability to connect seemingly unconnected things- and this has been proven in the progressive ideas that I enjoy entertaining.

I enjoy writing, thinking, creating and helping create ideas that not only add value, but those that impact others positively to make a change in using their own creative ideas. Well, I didn't know why that song about teeth was important back then, but being in the field of Dental Surgery currently, it's starting to make a lot of sense.

What I’ve been up to

I've currently been working on collaborative projects with amazing artists, projects which involve general human weakness in relation to Christianity, and the positivity that results from vulnerability. Best in Bloom has also been preparing a year long series of blogs to keep us grown and thinking in the next coming months.

I have a joke...what's the best time to go to the dentist?Tooth-hurty. While on the tooth vibe, I am currently doing my clinicals for dental surgery, with 3 semesters of training remaining. This has been an interesting experience, both tiring and fulfilling.

To ice this slice of cake is my research project, which was inspired by my music: "The Knowledge, Attitudes and practices amomg dentists in Nairobi on the use of non-pharmacological methods of treating dental anxiety among patients." Can't wait to share my findings.

I'm also recently interested in a lot of community improvement work, and as I learn, I am willing to go all out and help in some projects, including research and solution finding.


My current attention is in provision of quality creative content for my audience, with a specific interest in writing inspired and relatable content. This includes music, videos, podcasts and blogs.

While at it, I am interested in music and wellness, a field that brings in both of my worlds and one that I hope to pursue in learning at some point.

All this doesn't matter if I don't help anyone, so I'd like to help many young (and old) people stuck in a world of conflict between two or more different fields, and encourage my rural community (Tharaka Nithi County and beyond) to pick up these artistic gifts and add them to whatever it is that they are currently pursuing, in order to enhance impact and fulfillment that comes with giving all of yourself.

Links to my platforms

To find all the content I will be putting out, here are some of the platforms I use most frequently.

Get in touch

Let's chat!

If you have any questions, opportunities or would just like to say Hi, then feel free to fill out my contact form and I'll endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can.

Or if you would prefer to, you can also reach me on email or via a phone call.